Police start utilizing unmarked pace digicam vans


New ‘stealth’ pace digicam vans are starting to be utilised within the UK, beginning with Northamptonshire Police.

The brand new pace digicam vans have been rolled out for the primary time by Northamptonshire Police at first of April, however are meant for use extra broadly all through the UK.

Picture credit score: “Velocity digicam, Blossomfield Highway, Solihull” by ell brown is licensed underneath CC BY 2.0.

The brand new vans largely differ from those we’re accustomed to seeing in that they’re unmarked. On the one hand, it could possibly be argued that it is a type of ‘exploitative’ transfer designed to catch rushing riders and drivers out. Nevertheless, it can be seen as a method to attempt to make pace digicam vans have a higher impression on the behaviour of motorists. If you happen to don’t know what’s or just isn’t a pace digicam van, maybe you usually tend to experience or drive with extra warning, and due to this fact keep away from rushing. That might seem like the concept, no less than. 

Highway Angel is a tech firm with a deal with vehicles. Its founder, Gary Digva, is supportive of the brand new, gray, unmarked pace digicam vans getting used now by Northamptonshire Police, and has been quoted by the RAC as saying: “Introducing these undercover cellular pace digicam vans is a optimistic step ahead in decreasing the quantity of rushing drivers on UK roads.

“Motorists ought to be conscious that different police forces throughout the nation, too, could possibly be rolling out these covert digicam vans and may watch their pace wherever they journey.



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