The Cricket Present’s Cricket Discuss USA- Leon Francis-Host – Dr Nilesh Mehta- Visitor 01/24 by The Cricket Present


The Cricket Show

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Order of present

  1. Introduction
  2. Opening Prayer- Leon Francis- Host 
  3. Present Define Leon Francis
  4. Inside Edge- Audley Watson
  5. Coaches Nook- Jatin Patin
  6. Walter Henry Birthday and Anniversary Part- Audley Watson
  7. Dennis Heath Presentation
  8. Simon Asks the panelists
  9. Lawrence Yagga Rowe Part: Dr Nilesh Mehta_ Journalist
  10. Panelist Leon B Francis: Host: Audley Watson, David Maitland, Jatin Patel, Lynford Mckensie, Simon O’Brien, Cardinal Mills, Ivor Henry, Ed Lewis,Virgil Francis and Dennis Heath. 

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