What are the Guidelines for Indoor Discipline Hockey?


Whereas you may get away with utilizing your favourite Out of doors Hockey stick when enjoying Indoor, it’s not ultimate. The ball is on the lighter aspect, you aren’t allowed to hit, and it’s a faster sport. You don’t require as a lot energy out of your stick, so they have an inclination to have a lot much less ‘meat’ – HH official time period 😉  

The primary Indoor vs Out of doors Hockey Sticks are ;

  • Lighter and extra versatile 
  • Thinner shaft and toe
  • Flatter


Indoor Balls: Fabricated from strong plastic, the ball has a circumference of between 224 mm and 235 mm. It weighs between 156 grams and 163 grams. They’re often white in coloration, nonetheless different colours (purple and yellow) can be used.

Indoor hockey nets: Targets are smaller than in out of doors hockey for simpler portability and to mirror the smaller fields at 2m excessive x 3m extensive and a minimal of 1m deep.

Indoor Hockey Footwear: Because the indoor floor is vastly completely different from turf or grass, so should your sneakers. Flat rubber soles give optimum grip, whereas non-marking is a should for some venues. 



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