What’s a Carry in Basketball? (Definition + Examples)



The carry in basketball will be troublesome to detect in actual time.

In a reside recreation, they typically occur so quick that gamers, followers, and officers fully miss it.

However what’s a carry in basketball?

What is the penalty when a participant does commit the violation?

And the way can a coach assist their gamers keep away from carrying throughout video games?

All that (and extra) can be answered under:

What’s a Carry in Basketball?

The rule is named a ‘carry’ due to the motion the participant does once they commit the violation.

It seems to be like they’re “carrying” the basketball with their hand as an alternative of dribbling it.

This is how the NBA defines a carrying violation (part II, d.):

“A participant who’s dribbling might not put any a part of his hand beneath the ball and (1) carry it from one level to a different or (2) convey it to a pause after which proceed to dribble once more.”

Because the rule states, gamers should dribble with their hand on prime of the basketball.

As soon as their hand will get beneath after which they proceed their dribble, that could be a carry.

Gamers can also’t maintain the ball and pause, then resume their dribble, because the rule states. 

This isn’t to be confused with a double dribble, which is named when a participant is dribbling, picks the ball up fully, then begins their dribble once more.

A “carrying violation” is named if it’s only a “pause” within the dribble whereas it stays in a single hand, then a resumption after the pause.

This is a video explaining the rule:

Why is Carrying the Basketball Unlawful?

Dribbling is a key elementary of basketball.

As gamers progress, they study completely different strikes whereas dribbling to try to get by defenders.

Nonetheless, if carrying was allowed, it will give the offense a big benefit.

The dribbler might transfer in unnatural instructions. It was simply be merely unfair.

Making gamers preserve their hand on prime of the ball whereas dribbling offers the protection a combating probability to comprise the basketball.

If the offense might carry the ball as an alternative of sustaining their dribble, it will be almost not possible to play good protection!

What’s the Penalty for Carrying?

Similar to a double dribble or journey, a carry is a dead-ball turnover.

In highschool and faculty, the ball is thrown in from the sideline or baseline closest to the place the violation occurred.

Whereas within the NBA, the ball is inbounded between the free throw line and baseline to try to give the protection extra of a bonus.

Ought to Carrying Get Referred to as Extra Typically?

You’ll typically hear critics say violations like touring and carrying aren’t known as sufficient.

Are some carrying violations missed? After all.

However NBA gamers are masters at their crafts. They work hours and hours on their video games to be the perfect on the planet at basketball. What individuals typically assume is a carry, often isn’t.

Gamers within the NBA typically use a “pocket dribble,” the place their hand is behind the ball, however not beneath it. Some individuals name this pocket dribble a hesitation transfer.

Whereas it could appear like a carry to the bare eye, it isn’t one. The ball by no means goes beneath the participant’s hand and the pause isn’t lengthy sufficient to warrant a violation name.

Referees, particularly within the NBA, are specifically skilled to identify the variations and blow their whistle when an actual carry truly happens.


Instructing Gamers to Keep away from Carrying

The vast majority of carrying calls occur throughout youth basketball.

Youth gamers are nonetheless studying and attempting to get a grasp on the basics of the sport, which incorporates correct dribbling strategies.

Methods you may even see carrying known as in a youth basketball recreation embody:

  • Participant is dribbling too excessive and hand is positioned beneath the ball.
  • Participant hesitates with their dribble, and their hand slides beneath the ball.
  • Participant is sprinting whereas attempting to regulate their dribble, resulting in a carry.
  • Participant is stationary dribbling and by accident palms the basketball.

If gamers steadily carry the basketball, it is extremely necessary their coach corrects it.

If gamers aren’t taught correct dribbling, their poor habits can be extraordinarily laborious to interrupt.

“What’s the easiest way to do it?”

Whereas stationary ball-handling drills and cone drills definitely have their place in practices, small-sided video games are additionally an effective way to drill gamers to keep away from carrying.

Small-sided video games permit gamers to follow their dribbling expertise in game-like conditions.

As a result of these drills replicate what they will encounter in a reside recreation, gamers can make the most of expertise they study in stationary and cone drills in an actual competitors.


A carrying violation is named when a participant is dribbling and their hand goes beneath the basketball.

It is sometimes known as extra in youth settings than in highschool, faculty, or skilled video games.

Groups capable of keep away from carrying can have extra possessions, therefore extra alternatives to attain.

With time and correct steering, gamers can keep away from carrying and turning the ball over.



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