Reviewed – Osaka Professional Tour 100 Hockey Stick


Now, how does the Osaka Professional Tour 100 hockey stick carry out? Most noticeable is how the soft-touch grip dampens the shocks from tackles and miss-hits. I discovered the stick with be nicely balanced with fairly a big candy spot. The low bow makes it straightforward to elevate the ball, good for capturing at objective. For tighter play, the suggestions whereas dribbling offers you confidence. I discovered my reverse edge tomahawk was spot on each time because of a big candy spot.

Whereas the ability switch on slap pictures was spectacular, I did discover it laborious to maintain the ball planted. An issue nicely and actually made up for by the additional confidence you’ll have throughout aerials, slap hitting, and drag flicking.

Whereas this isn’t an entry-level hockey stick, if you wish to give your self a bonus, the Osaka Professional Tour 100 vary may have your teammates questioning what hockey camp you went to over the offseason!



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